6 Things You Should Know About Dressing Your Groomsmen

6 Things You Should Know About Dressing Your Groomsmen

When it comes to wedding planning, the future-bride often assumes the largest role. Your bride will harken back to her childhood and plan the wedding of her dreams. From the flower arrangements to the colors of everything, the bride will want particular things. With that being said, most brides will defer to the groom to select the apparel for the groomsmen. Whether you are a fashion guru or are completely clueless, take a look at our tips on how to dress your groomsmen.

Is matching necessary?

Matching Groomsmen

In days past a bride would select a primary and secondary color. Bridesmaids would be adorned in one of the colors while the groomsmen would match or compliment the color in matching accouterments. The problem with this is that if you want everyone to be in a field of peach, nobody is going to want to drop the dough to buy something they are only going to wear once. That’s quite a demand, especially in a tough economy. Is matching necessary? Nope!

Give Your Groomsmen Choices

Shades of Grey

You might want to offer some advice on the general look or theme of your wedding. Your guys can show up wearing matching ties or pocket squares, or you could even set a more vague theme such as a Bespoke theme. Your groomsmen may show up dressed in a suit they already have in their closet or buy one if they don’t have one. Most men will have an everyday suit in one of the primary colors (black, gray or navy). If they don’t, they can buy one that will certainly come in handy down the road. The fact that many men will be wearing mix-matched suits also happens to be one of the latest styles in groomsmen fashion. If you are concerned about what they may wear, you can always ask to see what they will be wearing before the wedding.

Set basic standards (and Choose Shoes)

Groomsmen Matching Socks

Some demands on your groomsmen’s wardrobe are more reasonable. Each groomsman should be expected to wear a clean pair of dress shoes. Many men over the age of 22 should have a clean pair of black dress shoes. Although it may be tempting to want a particular color of wing-tip shoes, they may never wear them again, and it may be a bit much to ask.

Approach Themes With Caution

Groomsmen In Kilts

It has become very popular for couples to choose themed weddings in the recent years. This can make for a rather unique and interested wedding, but be careful what you are asking of your groomsmen. If you are asking them to wear a white double-breasted suit form the 1920’s, this may be enough for some groomsmen to decline. You can often dress up a current suit with the right accouterments to create the same look.

Set a Vibe

Shirts & Ties

The reasonable compromise between choosing a theme and total choice is to decide on a vibe; that is, pick a dress code and a general feeling, and then have your groomsmen dress to match. A casual wedding may entail groomsmen in mix-matched suits with open collars – even jeans with a dress jacket would be hip and nice. The idea is to make everyone look as they belong in the same place without wearing complete matching outfits.

Chill Out

Groom & Groomsmen Chilling on the Dock

The most important thing is to remain open, honest and adaptable. These are your friends. Your wedding should be enjoyable without being so strict. Your friends will appreciate you for that. Celebrate in style, but not at the expense of anyone’s comfort or budget. Honestly, who wants to look back at wedding photos fifty years later and cringe about some silly uniforms. So, keep the style in mind, but don’t stress out about groomsmen outfits. There will be plenty more to stress out over.

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