Deployments, separations, and even the most successful career in the military will eventually end, but marriage is meant to last a lifetime. It is a lesson the Wallace’s learned early. “Did we have problems? Absolutely. Were there times I wanted to say it’s the Marine Corps or me? Yes. And were there times we were so thick in the middle of our difficulties we couldn’t see a way out? Most definitely. But those were the times we dug in our heels and just held on. Everything changes. It was just a matter of holding on until better days came, and when they did, we were amazed at how much closer we were for having endured together, and how much our marriage had been strengthened by our faith to stay.”

A party was recently given in honor of John and Melissa by co-workers and friends from Camp Pendleton. John gave a speech about his time in the Corps and what it meant to have Melissa by his side the whole way. He spoke of his years of service, the happiness they had shared and the tears they had shed. He talked of the achievements and honors he had gained in the Corps. Yet, to sum up, he had only one thing to say. “I am the Marine,” relates John, “but Melissa gives me the heart.”