Make Sure Your Wedding Photographer Takes These Photos!

Make Sure Your Wedding Photographer Takes These Photos!

When you are coming up with the proposed shot list for your wedding photographer, the couple will surely take center stage.  However, there are other photos you will want to make sure you capture.  You will surely want to capture images of the bridal party, but these aren’t the images we are talking about; although you should absolutely capture theme images.  We are talking about guest photos.  Presumably, these guests were invited for a reason.  Make sure to capture them in these candid photo suggestions.

Did you invite people that belong to special groups in your life such as fraternity brothers or sorority sisters?  You will make sure you want to capture them together to remember that moment, even if they weren’t a part of your bridal party.

Fraternity Brothers

Once again, you invited everyone for a reason. Make them all feel special by taking a complete group shot.  Please keep in mind that some people may want to leave earlier than others.  It’s best to get this shot early to make sure you capture as many attendees as possible.

Big Wedding Group Shot

Don’t forget about the candid shots!  Posed shots are just that posed.  However, candid shots capture the true feeling and energy of your wedding.  Make sure your photographer gets these as they are likely to make you laugh many years down the road.

Candid Wedding Photo

If you really want to capture the best of candid wedding shots, make sure you have a photobooth at your wedding.  Photo booths allow guests to “let their hair down” and just have fun.  You are sure to find gems amongst the photos captured by a photo booth.  Make sure the photobooth has plenty of props for even more fun!

Group Photo Booth Shot
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