Winery Tour Bachelorette Parties

Winery Tour Bachelorette Parties

Your Best Friend is getting married and you have the responsibility of planning the Bachelorette Party.  Although bar hoping at night in DC and Baltimore still appeals to some, most Bachelorette Parties are going in a different direction.  Possibly due to the average age of a women getting married rising from 23 in the nineties to 27 currently, many Brides are choosing something a little classier and lower key.

Winery tours seem to be the number one choice for Bachelorette Parties in our area.  There are multiple clusters of wineries in the Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania areas that make it easy to plan a day of wine tasting.   Although most wineries don’t offer more than snacks, working in a restaurant stop or packing a picnic lunch to enjoy outside at one of the wineries is recommended.  There are also food vendors in the area that will provide a bagged lunch for events of this nature.  Food is welcome at most wineries that do not serve it.    Many wineries offer a sweet wine or brewery close by to accommodate those that are not true wine connoisseurs.

Now that you have an idea, what is the best way to plan your winery tour?  There are many useful tools online that will help you select wineries.  For example, in the Frederick area you can explore the local wineries by visiting  If you are looking to use a hired transportation company, which is highly recommend unless there is a designated driver, the company can typically make recommendations for popular routes and wineries in your area.

A Touch of Class Limousines offers several different Wine Tour options.  You can book a vehicle for a specified number of hours and provide the complete itinerary.  With this option, you are responsible for making the reservations and paying the tasting fees at the wineries.  The second option is to have A Touch of Class Limousines plan the entire event for you.   With this option, you can purchase individual tickets versus one person having to pay for the entire event and worry about being reimbursed.  The ticket price will include transportation and tasting fees.  Each attendee can call and purchase their own individual ticket.

A Touch of Class Limousines, can help you take your Bachelorette Party to the next level of classy.  The chauffeur will can arrive dressed in a tuxedo and top hat and roll out the red carpet and an almost married sign can be attached to the outside of the limousine.  A stop at a Salon & Spa or even a mini shopping excursion at one of local outlets can be added on to the winery tour.

Keeping the Bride in mind and customizing a day around her desires is of course, the most important factor in planning a successful Bachelorette Party.

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